PINCERNA: The person whose job was to serve wine to his King Or Queen.

Should Pincerna Sumiller have existed in the Middle Ages, it is more than likely that the medieval pincernas would have served their kings this Prieto Picudo wine aged in oak barrels.

Today we serve it to you at home so you can discover, calmly, this unique red whose grapes partly come from 100 year old vines.

Just as the pincernas selected for their king the best wines from the Kingdom of León, today Bodegas Pincerna brings you home its best reds, rosés and whites. 

Place your order and enjoy our wines, made with excellence from the best varieties of prieto picudo and albarín.


Pincerna, the name of this winery, was the term used in the Middle Ages to name the person who, in the royal court, had the task of serving his lord the best wines available in the Kingdom. The Pincerna used to be a person of the king’s absolute trust. Among other things, he was in charge of keeping the wines in the best condition and sometimes even got involved in the production.

We wanted this project to be represented by the figure of a Pincerna, which directly connects to our roots and to the land and vineyards where our wines come from. 

In fact, ancient documents reflect that the land of Villa Cesam, now called Villacezán, were given in 1032 by King Vermudo III to his loyal pincerna, called Fáfila Pétriz, in gratitude for his faithfulness. Today, almost 1000 years later,  most of the grapes that end up in bottles of Pincerna are picked from our estate, Villacezán.

Because our mission is to produce great wines and serve them properly, we couldn't think of a better name for our project than that of the predecessors of the current sommeliers, Pincerna. A brandname that pays homage to the wine history of our region and inspires us to provide the highest quality reds, rosés and whites with which we aim to fill the glasses of our customers and friends.

Wines with content, TO BE SHARED.

There's nothing with more stories inside than a bottle of good wine. Each bottle of Pincerna can speak of the earth, the roots, the passage of time, the joint passion to work the land, the harvest nights, the periods of calmness when wine rests in oak barrels... But once opened, a Pincerna is enriched with other stories, the ones shared around the glasses of those who enjoy it.

Pincerna wines are made to be enjoyed with friends, with family or with those who know how to appreciate the qualities of good drinking and good food.  

To share a rosé or a young pincerna red is to discover the best of a unique grape such as the prieto picudo and enjoy its freshness and aromas in good company.

To open a white Albarín is to appreciate the scarcity of a variety so unique that it is only found in few vineyards of León; and to serve it in a glass is to immediately awaken the senses of somebody who is holding a fruit that smells like flowers.

To uncork a Pincerna Sumiller is to find out the secrets that keep the century-old vines that, together with other younger vines, are the wine and others that are to come.

We want our wines to transmit our passion and to be enjoyed by all those able to appreciate the qualities of good wines and the great moments that can be shared around a glass. Each wine is unique, as unique are the stories kept by these wines “with content”. Let them tell talk to you…


Pincerna produces wines that are the result of meticulous work in our vineyards and exhaustive work in the winery.

The winery is led by a team of experts who focusses its efforts on the recovery of old vines and on innovation applied to winemaking.

The Denomination of Origin León guarantees continuance of the tradition and wisdom of our wine producing area, which produces unique high-quality wines.